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28-10-2009, 01:23 AM
JC1 Chemistry Crash Course@Novena

Twig Learning Center

Address : 159A Thomson Road, Goldhill Center (1 min walk from Novena MRT)

JC1 Revision during Nov and Dec starting 16th Nov 2009

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Read what students have to say about Donnell

Mr. Donnell Koh has been my civics tutor as well as my chemistry teacher at Raffles Junior College. He is one of the best teachers I have come across throughout my schooling years ... he cares for the well-being of all his students and exhibits care towards every individual in the class ... he commands a respect from his students ... his teaching is highly effective and his lessons are always well-taught and very comprehensible...his students almost never lose focus during lesson and always take away new knowledge after each lesson...the difficult concepts appear to be much easier when he explains...I will attribute my successful application to Cambridge University to Mr. Koh entirely. His strong recommendation and excellent teaching has been the reason why I am able to receive an offer from such a prestigious University."
Han Shuting, RJC 2005 - 2006
Medicine (Cambridge)

Joining Twig Learning Center in early 2008 was one of the best academic decisions I have made. For most of my JC life, I was uninterested in Chemistry. It was a confusing subject quagmired in thick notes and my grades left much to be disired. Lessons with Mr Koh changed that - his lessons made each topic simple, direct and to-the-point. It gave me the firm foundation in Chemistry knowledge that I badly needed, and that gave me the confidence to handle the subject.

In addition, Mr Koh is also a very patient tutor. He ensures that have full understanding of the explanation to the many (many) questions that I asked, always explaining every answer from its very core concepts upwards to strengthen my foundation. This I found very helpful, as it taught me how to handle any questions in examinations. He goes the extra mile for his students, staying behind after each lesson (sometimes for many hours) so that we can clarify our doubts.

As a result of his efforts, not only have my Chemistry grades improved, I find Chemistry interesting (believe me, this is no mean feat). The one subject that I couldn't wait to get rid of in JC1 is presently one that I hope I will have further opportunities to study. Thank you Mr Koh.
Xue Wei, RJC 2007 - 2008

Mr Koh, you are a natural teacher. There are some people who are born to be writers, poets, artists, etc, and your gift is in teaching. One explanation is always enough. Twig's notes are short, clear and to the point, and it really prepares one well for examinations. On the contrary, school notes can be thick, confusing, and sometimes incomplete cos the lecturer swiches slides before we even finish copying!

The best part about Twig is that we're always free to ask you questions anytime during the lesson. The class is small, and even if we do not ask questions, we benefit listening to other students' questions and hearing the explanantion. It is impossible to ask so many questions in tutorials at school, and even more difficult to hear the questions my classmates ask because school tutorials are so noisy! At Twig, we never face this problem.

I joined Twig because my Chem grade dropped from A/B in JC1 to a E in JC2 CT1, largely because organic chem was a new topic and I didnt understand it well initially. After I joined Twig, my grade improved from E to A within the span of 3 months, even topping the class! Even my school tutor could not understand how I managed to improve so much!
Hu Ching, RJC 2007 - 2008
2009 PSC Scholarship Recipient