About Me

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Hello friends! I hope you are doing well and enjoying reading my blogs. My name is Richard Hall and yes, I have written all the write-ups in this blog. Some of you may make the mistake of considering me a writer and thinking that I have no practical knowledge. I am sorry, but that is not true. I would like to inform you that I have spent quite a good time by promoting business organizations and their products online. Yes, I’m a digital marketing expert and I have served many national and exotic clients for their digital marketing needs. Being an experienced marketer, I had thought that I should now share my knowledge with the newbie marketers and that’s why I had started blogging.

Why did I choose blogging?

A blog offers us with a better way of communication than other communication platforms. I particularly like it because there are no word limitations, no content restrictions and everybody can access the blogs. I have got the readers from all over the world and I think I’m doing quite well as a blogger. Yes, I am on social networking sites and I have many followers there. I use these sites only to inform my followers about the new blogs I have written recently. My followers check the details on those sites and visit my blogs to find something new and interesting.

I am sure that you have also found something useful and interesting in my blogs and that’s why you want to reveal more information about me. Well, I’m a marketing person, who spends most of the time by promoting products. Here I would like to inform you that everything I get for endorsement, it is a product for me. It can be a website, a business or a service. I and my team work so hard and use all of our knowledge to endorse our clients’ products online.

How do we work?

I am a fortunate marketer because I have got the support of some of the best marketers. We as a team perform brilliantly because we have left those orthodox marketing techniques behind. I have always believed that you can never generate good leads for your clients until you are following traditional marketing methods. I and my team members always think about utilizing new platforms for marketing. We use social networking sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram to promote our products. We also apply all the proven digital marketing techniques to promote products and services. We know the secrets of finding a quick success and that’s why all of our clients appreciate our support.

I don’t know about others, but I like to share all the new ideas with new marketers. Every business owner should get an equal opportunity to grow his business. His business size and his financial status should not become a barrier. As a digital marketer I always try to help new clients in improving their service quality and performance in the market. I bring them on the top and share my experience through the blogs