Integrating Facebook Video into Marketing Strategies in Singapore

Digital marketing demands constant upgrades, constant improvement and keeping up with the latest trends. In any other way, marketing won’t be successful as it should, nor the results will be promising. Most individuals believe that not all trends should be used, but the reality is different. All trends must be tried, at least, and only then the full potential can be determined. If the results are promising, the trend must be used. A digital marketing agency that is serious about its business in Singapore must advance with tech.

One of the newest and the most effective ways to reach the target audience is Facebook Video. Over the last couple of months, this service generated a huge appreciation among users from all countries.

Facebook Video basics

Facebook introduced video in 2016 on a global scale. The results, according to the first results were phenomenal. A few months after, there is no Facebook user who didn’t use the video feature at least once.

The entire addition was divided into two aspects. The first are videos on the timeline, shared by groups or other users. The second aspect is live video, capturing and broadcasting the video in real-time.

For ordinary users, this addition is interesting as a source of fun. Marketers are not ordinary people and they have another purpose of this addition.
Using Facebook Video for marketing purposes

When it comes to advanced marketing tools, Facebook video ads is one of the best. Every single digital agency in Singapore is offering related services and all of them measure the increase in the popularity of this advertising method.

Facebook video ads are beneficial and useful due to many reasons. First and foremost, engaging the higher number of target audience over a shorter period of time is guaranteed. People react much better on video content than on short ads, images, and text. Even more important, video ads are essential when launching the new brand or a new product. They offer that ‘’boom’’ effect, meaning that they engage a user in the first second (only if the video is developed properly). At the same time, brand awareness will be improved. Basically, the entire marketing strategy will be far more effective due to this simple method. It isn’t a coincidence the oldest marketing agency in Singapore began experimenting with this method in 2016.

There are several elements of a successful Facebook video ad to consider. All of the following ones have been rated high in Singapore and surrounding areas. In order to get the most from it, you will have to pay attention to the:

  1. Core message- What is the real message your video should send to the target audience. It must be short and direct. Time wasters are never desired!
  2. Your audience- What is your audience? Are they male, female, seniors, teens or all in general? Each video must target just one group, according to the age, gender or business involvement.
  3. Emotion- Which emotion you want to get from the target audience? Maybe you want laughter, so you can offer them fun items or maybe you want to see love, so you can offer them a couple or love-related services.
  4. Storyline- Is the entire storyline interesting to the target audience or just part of it? Shorter videos are usually far more appreciated.
  5. Characters- The best marketing agency in Singapore will pay special attention to the characters in the video. They must need demands of the all other aspects here. People want to see characters in the ads that are similar to them.

Finding the best in any product or service is more like a gift that some marketers have. One example, also related to Singapore was based on protein bars. Some of them are filled with sugar, so they are not healthy. However, the marketing experts offered a strategy that suggested these protein bars are ideal for children on a break, who need extra energy for a short period of time. If you manage to achieve the same, well done.

Now when you know what your video must have, the time is right to understand what you want to get from it. Is it engagement, views, clicks or something else? Each video should be optimized for just one metric. For example, those developed for engagement must be short and interesting. Those for click-through metrics must be longer and simpler to understand.

Additional tip: After the video production, you will have to choose correct strategies, such are Facebook advertising, re-targeting and direct viewer’s engagement. All of them should be implemented in the overall strategy, over time.

Conducted study and its result

One digital marketing agency in Singapore conducted a case study involving Facebook Video in Singapore. The main facts to know is that the study was associated with the FMCG brand. It lasted 8 months and the results were impressive.

Using only this advertising method, the agency achieved:


If this doesn’t sound impressive for you, keep in mind that the brand in question wasn’t extremely popular back then. The agency included the statistic data of this study only, so the entire result is achieved with the help of Facebook Video only. The bottom line is that all agencies began using the Facebook Video for advertising after the case study! As such, we highly recommend it.

The final thought

One digital marketing agency in Singapore began using Facebook video for advertising purposes. Now, all of them use it. This should be the one fact that proves how successful this method is. At the moment, Facebook video has billion current users, and the number is rising as we speak. All of this means that the success rate of the method will be even better in the near future. If you haven’t used it until now, right now is the best time to start! All the advantages and the benefits you will get will directly transfer to the business profitability in a matter of days.

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