Integrating Facebook Video into Marketing Strategies in Singapore

Digital marketing demands constant upgrades, constant improvement and keeping up with the latest trends. In any other way, marketing won’t be successful as it should, nor the results will be promising. Most individuals believe that not all trends should be used, but the reality is different. All trends must be tried, at least, and only then the full potential can be determined. If the results are promising, the trend must be used. A digital marketing agency that is serious about its business in Singapore must advance with tech.

One of the newest and the most effective ways to reach the target audience is Facebook Video. Over the last couple of months, this service generated a huge appreciation among users from all countries.

Facebook Video basics

Facebook introduced video in 2016 on a global scale. The results, according to the first results were phenomenal. A few months after, there is no Facebook user who didn’t use the video feature at least once.

The entire addition was divided into two aspects. The first are videos on the timeline, shared by groups or other users. The second aspect is live video, capturing and broadcasting the video in real-time.

For ordinary users, this addition is interesting as a source of fun. Marketers are not ordinary people and they have another purpose of this addition.
Using Facebook Video for marketing purposes

When it comes to advanced marketing tools, Facebook video ads is one of the best. Every single digital agency in Singapore is offering related services and all of them measure the increase in the popularity of this advertising method.

Facebook video ads are beneficial and useful due to many reasons. First and foremost, engaging the higher number of target audience over a shorter period of time is guaranteed. People react much better on video content than on short ads, images, and text. Even more important, video ads are essential when launching the new brand or a new product. They offer that ‘’boom’’ effect, meaning that they engage a user in the first second (only if the video is developed properly). At the same time, brand awareness will be improved. Basically, the entire marketing strategy will be far more effective due to this simple method. It isn’t a coincidence the oldest marketing agency in Singapore began experimenting with this method in 2016.

There are several elements of a successful Facebook video ad to consider. All of the following ones have been rated high in Singapore and surrounding areas. In order to get the most from it, you will have to pay attention to the:

  1. Core message- What is the real message your video should send to the target audience. It must be short and direct. Time wasters are never desired!
  2. Your audience- What is your audience? Are they male, female, seniors, teens or all in general? Each video must target just one group, according to the age, gender or business involvement.
  3. Emotion- Which emotion you want to get from the target audience? Maybe you want laughter, so you can offer them fun items or maybe you want to see love, so you can offer them a couple or love-related services.
  4. Storyline- Is the entire storyline interesting to the target audience or just part of it? Shorter videos are usually far more appreciated.
  5. Characters- The best marketing agency in Singapore will pay special attention to the characters in the video. They must need demands of the all other aspects here. People want to see characters in the ads that are similar to them.

Finding the best in any product or service is more like a gift that some marketers have. One example, also related to Singapore was based on protein bars. Some of them are filled with sugar, so they are not healthy. However, the marketing experts offered a strategy that suggested these protein bars are ideal for children on a break, who need extra energy for a short period of time. If you manage to achieve the same, well done.

Now when you know what your video must have, the time is right to understand what you want to get from it. Is it engagement, views, clicks or something else? Each video should be optimized for just one metric. For example, those developed for engagement must be short and interesting. Those for click-through metrics must be longer and simpler to understand.

Additional tip: After the video production, you will have to choose correct strategies, such are Facebook advertising, re-targeting and direct viewer’s engagement. All of them should be implemented in the overall strategy, over time.

Conducted study and its result

One digital marketing agency in Singapore conducted a case study involving Facebook Video in Singapore. The main facts to know is that the study was associated with the FMCG brand. It lasted 8 months and the results were impressive.

Using only this advertising method, the agency achieved:


If this doesn’t sound impressive for you, keep in mind that the brand in question wasn’t extremely popular back then. The agency included the statistic data of this study only, so the entire result is achieved with the help of Facebook Video only. The bottom line is that all agencies began using the Facebook Video for advertising after the case study! As such, we highly recommend it.

The final thought

One digital marketing agency in Singapore began using Facebook video for advertising purposes. Now, all of them use it. This should be the one fact that proves how successful this method is. At the moment, Facebook video has billion current users, and the number is rising as we speak. All of this means that the success rate of the method will be even better in the near future. If you haven’t used it until now, right now is the best time to start! All the advantages and the benefits you will get will directly transfer to the business profitability in a matter of days.

4 Mistakes That Can Affect Your Digital Marketing Campaign

The number of digital marketing agencies across the world has grown quite rapidly. It is a fact that there are thousands of digital marketing firms and all of them get clients on a regular basis. However, every client does not please from the output. Some clients don’t get expected results and that’s why they hunt for other marketing companies. Of course, digital marketing works to draw the attention of millions of people towards your business, but it happens only when you hire well-experienced and well-knowledgeable marketers for this job. Many business owners take impulse decisions and make some mistakes that put their business in danger. You should know those mistakes so that you can avoid them easily.

No clear goals:

What are goals for 2017? Have you planned everything or searching for a digital marketing agency in Singapore without planning what you want? You may be one of those firms that will not get the best outputs, if you have not planned anything. A new year comes with lots of new opportunities. Whatever happened in the past has gone. Now you should get ready for the new audience and new objectives. Switch to a new marketing firm if it cannot help you in meeting the new objectives this year. Things get changed very quickly and so the technology and marketing approaches. You should not wait for marketers to learn new things. Prepare new goals and hire someone who can help you in achieving them.

No idea about who is the targeted audience:

Do you think every prospect from all the countries and of all the ages would take interest in your products or services? You wrong, if you think so. A business owner should always know that who the targeted prospects are. An experienced digital marketing agency in Singapore will help you in recognizing and targeting the prospects. It will provide you with complete details regarding your prospects and then run the campaign to generate the best results.

Depending on orthodox style marketers:

Hence, most of the business organizations consider digital marketing the main promotional technique, many orthodox style marketers have got training and turned into digital marketers. These are the marketers with traditional marketing expertise and mindset. You should maintain a good distance from them. They may apply some old methods to attract the new age’s prospects. It can cause a huge loss to your business. You should hire a marketing agency that knows how to entice, convert and engage the prospects for the best outcomes from a digital marketing campaign. You can easily maintain a huge customer base, if such expert marketers are working for you.

Not targeting smartphone users:

It is the thinking of some business owners that not a huge number of smartphone users use online services. Of course, only a few business owners think like that, but you should not be one of them. Billions of people across the world are using smartphones. Most of them know how effective this device is and how to use it for buying products and using online services. Do not underrate them. You should also target them and make plans to attract them towards your business. Yes, you will need a responsive website to draw the attention of the Smartphone users. Your digital marketing partner can help you for meeting this demand.

In addition to above explained things, you should never make a mistake of irritating the prospects. Of course, you want to endorse your products and services as much as possible, but don’t be a spam. Use the digital marketing channels in a limited way and meet your customers with some interesting offers so that they can check your endorsements and emails.

Leveraging on Digital Marketing to Achieve Your Business Goals

If you are concerned about the growth of your business, you should think about digital marketing for your business. When you decide to use digital marketing for your business, you may think to do it yourself. But, you can hire a marketing agency in Singapore that will provide you high-quality digital marketing services. If you have a small business in Singapore, you should take the online marketing services of a right agency. However, it does not matter more whether you have a big company or small company, you must hire a marketing agency. It will assist you to promote your business on the internet, and it can benefit the growth of your business.

Business owners can get their business goals successfully by hiring a company for digital marketing of their business. It is because a professional and reputed digital marketing agency in Singapore can provide you excellent services. It will help to promote a business and connect it to a large audience with fast and better results. You cannot found this ability in the traditional marketing. Here, you will find the effects of the digital marketing services on your business.

  • It connects the business to a large audience that is using the internet. Almost every person in Singapore is now connected to the internet service. Hence, it will help you to convey your message to many people with ease.
  • You connect to the customers of your business by using the social media. So, you can retain your old customers and also gain new customers by promotion your business on many social media networks.
  • You can make your business marketing website as a marketing tool by hiring an agency. You can upgrade your business website with informative and engaging content for the people.
  • Your business will get popularity, as well as the customers of your business, will increase quickly. You can easily get new clients for your business. This will help you to earn more revenue as your sales will increase with increase customers.

Advantages of hiring digital marketing agency in Singapore

If you are looking for a cost effective marketing strategy for your business in Singapore city, it is the best way for you. The agency will provide you many online marketing services with a team of professionals for the growth of the business. The great fact is that you have to pay a nominal cost for it. So you can get a low-cost marketing at the internet for your business with ease. If you hire a digital marketing agency in Singapore, you can quickly get many advantages for your business.

You can expand your business all over the world by internet marketing services of an agency. The digital marketing agency in is helpful to save time and business owners can focus more on the business. They have many other responsibilities along with marketing. Likewise, you should give the responsibility of the promotion and marketing to a digital agency in Singapore for the growth of your business. It will be very useful to save your time, and you can easily handle other work related to business.

Get the valuable expertise

A professional agency will offer you a wide range of digital marketing services for your business. It includes search Engine Optimization, Email marketing, Social media management and marketing, content marketing, mobile marketing and many more services. You can get these services from a good digital marketing agency in Singapore. The agency will provide you better marketing results for your business in Singapore. They will take care of your business requirements as well as the type of your business. They have a lot of experienced in the digital marketing field and provide you expertise for growing your business.

Ways to Advertise Your Business in Singapore

Digital marketing is a way to increase the popularity of products and the company simultaneously. Many small businessmen do not use the marketing term that is why they are not accessible and not well known. Keep the thing in mind if you provide company information to the public, introduce your brand features, and values to the public then you get popularity. If the customer knows your product then tends to buy it. Newer the product takes a small time to get the attention of the customer. Make visible the new product by any effort and analyze the benefits of marketing. A digital agency in Singapore takes you to have digital marketing terms which are best to promote your product in a current.

Digital marketing instruments

The digital agency in Singapore includes lots of ways to provide huge attention of customers. Some are listed below-

Marketing with social sites

We all have experienced with social networking sites that enable us to contact with someone who is far from you. You can find many social networking sites in the market. People are usually connected through the social sites and tend to talk every time. When you are using the social networking site, you can see some promotional quotes. These are the social marketing terms. The digital agency in Singapore connects the website with the social networking site. It provides better visibility of the company and the product.

SEO tools

Don’t forget the SEO if you are interested in promoting the business. Basically, SEO is the promoting tool which can increase the traffic to your website. When you are searching any keyword from the search engine, then you can get thousands of results. But your website is in next page and no one interested to find the next page to find the particular website. So the digital agency in Singapore provides the optimization of your website. The term SEO refers to search engine optimization. Hire the best marketing agency, and you will get your website in the first rank.

It includes major benefit because the user usually clicks on the firs link. So the marketing agency can help to increase more traffic to your website and help to accessible the platform.

Advertisement by video

It is a very common method to advertise the business or the product. We have lots of channels on the internet which enable us to watch videos. So the digital agency in Singapore provide their promotional videos into the movies, or else. That is beneficial for the company or the brand. You can find millions of internet user who use the video channels for watching videos. So it is best ideas to make promotional videos and place to the channels.

Mobile marketing

If you analyze, you can find about millions of people use mobile phones. And about 40% of them sleep with their phones. They don’t want to leave their mobile phone for a while. So it is the best idea to advertise your brand with sending the promotional messages to the mobile user. It is difficult for the individual or the businessman to find the contact information of the user. But it is easy for the marketing agency. So you need tom hire the best digital agency in Singapore which can help you to find contacts.

The mobile user read every notification on the phone. So the agency does not promote the business only but makes the promotions ideas. It includes all the required strategies such as finding the contact information, business area contacts and else. So the mobile marketing is best instruments as we have mentioned above.

The digital agency in Singapore is best in a world. You can find thousands of marketing agencies in Singapore, and you can use one of them. Increase your profit, increase productivity with hiring the best agency.

Why You Should Hire a Digital Marketing Agency in Singapore

To stabilize successful business marketing plays an important role. A business not only grows with their productivity, with the time, and the experience but the marketing is the best tool to which can help to grow the business. Marketing is the term in which the businessman has to provide their company and product information to the public. That why the uses big hoardings and banners and write or paint the promotional messages. Not only the messages but the pictures of the product provide better accessibility and visibility. In a current, digital marketing is in trend to advertise the product. It is similar to the marketing but includes some digital platform for marketing. So you have to hire the best digital marketing agency in Singapore.

The digital marketing agency in Singapore provides thousands of benefits and marketing features. Some are listed below-

Factors of digital marketing

  • Email marketing
  • Mobile marketing
  • Social networking marketing tools
  • SEO for business marketing
  • PPC marketing
  • Search engine marketing
  • Content marketing and much more

You have many options in the Singapore to find the digital marketing agency in Singapore. It provides a lot of benefits to advertise the business. That is why small and big businessman is looking for an agency to help them. The marketing agency provides all these features listed above. So you have to consider some factors to hire the agency. Some important factors are listed below-

Budget of the company for advertising

Though these facilities required the least price but for the big business companies, it varies in millions of crores. So, it is not easy to advertise with a digital platform. The digital marketing agency in Singapore provides a lot of ideas and executes it to provide better visibility of the products. So, executing the advertising idea demands a lot of money. Marketing agency includes a lot of employees who demands their fee. Also, the company has a lot of competitors in the market, and you need to provide more and more visibility to the products. These activities can raise the budget of advertising.

Some complex process of advertising such as PPC i.e. Pay-Per-click and search engine advertising require more money. The marketing agency needs to contact the advertising officials of a search engine. So it is also the basic reason which can raise the budget. Keep the thing in mind that, better the visible product can provide better selling.

Experience of the marketing agency

Knowledge and experience are the basic consideration if you are going to hire the digital marketing agency in Singapore. You can find hundreds of marketing agency in Singapore but choose the best one which has huge experience. The experienced company can better handle the company work with the marketing task simultaneously. Some of the companies are new for advertisement so, the marketing agency helps to operate the work in a good manner.

Makes ideas

Basically, the business owner is perfect in manufacturing but not in making the advertisement strategies. Marketing is just not to post the promotional messages or quotes on the web but includes a lot of resources. The agency needs to find the trended resources, people’s interest and much more. So you have to hire the digital marketing agency in Singapore which includes professionals who can explore ideas and develop it in practice.

Previous project

The company owner needs to know the agency’s previous project information. If the digital marketing agency in Singapore has completed the last project, then you can hire it. Also, ask from other companies which can better inform you about the marketing company. The digital marketing is in trend to promote the business and the product. You can earn more profit by making the brand visible for all.